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    Koichi is the son of the owner of a famous company, Tabuchi. Even though he is about to turn 30, he is always lazy, refuses to work, and just lies at home holding his phone all day. Worried that his son would be unmarried, and partly hoping that Koichi would change after marriage, Tabuchi decided to set him up as a matchmaker. His target audience is Nao, the daughter of the partner company's department head. Having such a beautiful girl as his wife naturally makes Koichi happy. Nao didn't want to, but with Tabuchi's power, she had to agree. He also ordered Nao not to fuck anyone, including Koichi, until marriage. A year later, Koichi and Nao finally get married. That night, Koichi was eager to "have sex" with the beautiful bride, but because he was so nervous, he couldn't get erect. The next day, Koichi had to go on a business trip for five days, leaving only Tabuchi and Nao at home. She quickly returned to her room and masturbated herself, hoping to relieve her long-accumulated sexual desire. But she did not expect that everything would be captured by the camera that Tabuchi installed in advance. In fact, their marriage was just a plot so he could take over Nao, turning her into his "wife". When Koichi went on a business trip, he gradually trained and taught Nao to become a lustful daughter-in-law, always craving his cock, ready to let him fuck her even though Koichi had returned...